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At Shiksha Hub Research, we aim to be the number-one Educational and Writing service platform in India. We provide a chance to Working Professional to turn their dreams into reality, by getting Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Admission while they stay in India or even abroad. Our platform gives you the chance to take your PhD research to the next level, as well as develop a strong personality.


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  • Providing Education to Working Professionals

    Our solid expertise is making the Working Professionals get richer with their educational qualifications. They are able to fulfil their hunger of knowledge from where they left off.

  • Reach out to Humanitarians

    Shiksha Hub Research significance is that we thrive to lookout for the people who contribute to the society. Even without minimum education and try to make them better individuals.

  • PhD Admission for Independent Professionals

    Independent Professionals often need motivation to pursue further with decisions and to try something new. Additionally, our purpose is to become that motivation. We tend to help out professionals and push them to conquer a better educational platform also along with PhD Admission 2023.

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At Shiksha Hub Research, we understand the importance of ongoing education and professional development for PhD holders. As technology and research continue to advance rapidly, it is crucial for academics to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field. That’s why we have created a Learning System that is tailored specifically to the needs of PhD holders, offering a range of engaging and interactive learning tools to help them stay ahead of the curve. & Job Hunt India to get your dream job.

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PhD Admission 2023 & Writing Support Services by Shiksha Hub Research

Admissions can be a stressful time for working professionals and their families. Shiksha Hub Research helps you by offering guidance throughout the entire process of the PhD completion. Shiksha Hub Research helps you sort through the complexities of finding the best university for your higher studies.

Thesis/dissertation writing

Writing a dissertation is obviously not an easy task, and so writing a perfect one will call for more brain work and significant analytical skills. Working o...

Data Analysis

Statistical data analysis is the process of analysing and interpreting complicated information as part of research by using sophisticated statistical techniq...

Research Papers

As a PhD candidate, It is mandatory for the scholars to publish the research papers in UGC, Scopus, IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, National or International Journ...

Questionnaire Development

Questionnaire development in a Ph.D. refers to the process of creating a structured set of questions to collect data from research participants for a study. ...

Editing / Proof Reading

Editing and proof Reading are essential stages in the thesis writing process, ensuring that the document is clear, coherent, and free from errors. While edit...

Topic and proposal

Finalizing a topic for Research is the most crucial part. Most of the research Scholars think that selecting a precise topic for their research is an easy ta...

Ph.D Addmission

Welcome to Shiksha Hub Research, your gateway to advanced academic pursuits and groundbreaking research opportunities. Our Ph.D. program is designed to foste...

Honorary Doctorate

Welcome to Shiksha Hub Research, where we celebrate outstanding contributions to academia, research, and society. Our Ph.D. Honorary Doctorate program is a p...

Publication Support

Welcome to Shiksha Hub Research, where we understand the significance of disseminating impactful research to the global academic community. Our Publication S...

Patent Support

Welcome to Shiksha Hub Research, where innovation meets excellence. Our Patent Support service is crafted to guide researchers and inventors through the intr...

PhD Admission 2023 & Writing Support Services by Shiksha Hub Research

We are an Educational & Writing Services Provider! Our core Mission is to help Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Shiksha Hub Research is a Global and Top-Notched Educational and Writing service platform for WORKING PROFESSIONALS. It offers numerous courses from grade tenth till PhD Shiksha Hub Research is a higher education-oriented platform hosting diverse courses delivered by renowned universities all over INDIA. On top of a staggering variety of educational courses, Shiksha Hub Research provides full-fledged assistance for PhD Admission 2023 from the entrance to completion of a doctorate. Shiksha Hub Research has powerful connections and collaborations with multiple universities all over INDIA. We have a team that works as a helping hand and counsels the candidates. For over a decade now, Shiksha Hub Research has aimed to improve lives by providing accessible education for all working professionals as per their convenient time. Shiksha Hub Research head office is in Delhi. With counselling centres all around India and even at international levels.

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Shiksha Hub Research maintains different specialization, each quite specialized in providing all kinds of support to scholars during the hectic admission and completion process.


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